State Department Federal Credit Union - Jerked around by bank

Not resolved

Last month my "mobile deposit privileges" were suspended because I was using the funds I deposited immediately to make payments on bills and transfers to family members (within the same institution!) because, silly me, I interpreted the words "deposits of less than $1,000 are available immediately" to mean that the money was mine to do with what I wished.After much back and forth with various representatives and a board member, I was informed that those privileges would remain suspended for six months because I had triggered some sort of alarm in the loss prevention department.

I was so done with the whole thing that I let it go, until today that is, when I found out that a deposit that was made in person for me via teller was not credited to me but placed in hold status until 4/16! During all the conversations with regular staff AND the board member about the mobile privileges being suspended I was never once informed that any physical (as opposed to online) transactions were not going to be honored in the normal manner. So, being totally in the dark, I went my merry way and made a check to my landlord which was returned because the funds I had deposited were not available!! On top of that, my apartment is under a new management company, so I have no idea how they are going to react to this.

Obviously, had I known that ALL my account services were being restricted, I would have made other arrangements so my rent check would not be returned.I am mortified and angry and although someone at the SDFCU is trying to take care of this at the moment to run my check back through (and refund me the $30 NSF fee), I am sick and tired of being treated like this and in this case being the victim of their lack of professionalism and follow-through.

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